English Language Education

English Language Education Key Learning Area

The English Language Education Key Learning Area (KLA) is an integral part of the school curriculum that provides students with a wide range of learning experiences to enhance their:

• English language proficiency for study, work and leisure;

• personal and intellectual development, and social skills;

• cultural understanding; and

• global competitiveness.


Overall Aims The overall aims of the English Language Education KLA curriculum are:

• to provide every student of English with further opportunities for extending their knowledge and experience of the cultures of other people as well as opportunities for personal and intellectual development, further studies, pleasure and work in the English medium; and

• to enable every student to prepare for the changing socio-economic demands resulting from advances in information technology; these demands include the interpretation, use and production of materials for pleasure, study and work in the English medium.


The Central English Language Education KLA Curriculum:

An Open and Flexible Framework

The curriculum framework for English Language Education is the overall structure for organising learning and teaching for the subject of English Language. The framework comprises a set of interlocking components including:

• subject knowledge and skills, which are expressed in the form of learning targets under the Interpersonal, Knowledge and Experience Strands, as well as learning objectives;

• generic skills; and

• positive values and attitudes.


Vision & Mission

Pui Ying has an English-rich environment where students pick up the target language in a meaningful context.

• To offer every student the right to a second language which provides further opportunities for extending knowledge and experience of the cultures of other people, including opportunities for further studies, pleasure and work in the English medium

• To develop an ever-improving capability of students to use English to think and communicate; to acquire, develop and apply knowledge; and to respond and give expression to experience

• To build up a professional panel where teachers collaborate for students’ effective learning

• To develop a school-based curriculum to cater for students’ abilities and interests

• To organize a wide range of English activities to supplement classroom learning

To raise students’ public exam results


English Department Highlights:

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